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Another successful semester of the GATEWAY Chinese-Hungarian Exchange Program

On 24th of Mai 2019, the „Gateway” Chinese-Hungarian Student Exchange Program finished another successful semester.

6 Chinese students received their certificates, as the result of their hard work during the semester, at the closing ceremony. The students arrived from the following universities to study in our institute: Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Northwest University.


Our Faculty and the Program were represented by Norbert Varga PhD, Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs, the Program Director of the “Gateway” and Tamás Pongó PhD, Co-coordinator of the Program.

On behalf of the Confucius Institute, Dr. Wang Lei, the Chinese Director of the Institute, and Mr. Richard Mohr, the Hungarian Director of the Institute, welcomed the students and acknowledged the success of this Program. Furthermore, the teachers of the Faculty also honored the event with their presence.


Following the formal part of the ceremony, the students and their teachers took a picture in front of the Faculty Council Room, thereby symbolizing the strong cooperation between the two countries.

The guest students expressed their good feelings about our program, our university, our city. Moreover, they acknowledged that they will return to China with significantly more knowledge in the field of law. Such feedback represents the hallmark of the persistent and successful work of our educators and organizers.


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