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Migration Summer School

Three students from our Faculty participated in this year’s Migration Summer School offered by EPLO!

This year’s Migration Summer School was hosted on EPLO grounds in Suonion, Greece, and three Faculty of Law students attended the program, which focused on „Rethinking the governance of migrant and refugee integration at local level.”

The program was carried out with the support of the programs of the Hungarian Ministry of Justice enhancing the standards of legal education, in cooperation with the International and Regional Studies Institute.


The primary objective of the summer school was to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the current conditions of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees, as well as a comprehensive understanding on what impedes their integration and how it impacts them. The lectures were delivered by internationally renowned professors and experts from various institutions, and the program also included a field trip to two refugee facilities in Greece.

The summer school examined migration issues from a variety of angles, beginning with a general overview of the topic, followed by presentations focusing on migration theories, country and region-specific case studies, as well as an examination of various social groups, and finally an assessment of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The lectures focused on integration and the causes of migration waves, human rights violations and European Court of Human Rights practices, however, they also provided insight into how Greece responded to the migration crisis, as well as an examination of pro-migrant and anti-migrant citizen mobilizations in Greece.

Students also had the opportunity to learn more about the old and new systems and policies of the European Union for dealing with asylum seekers. Furthermore, they could gain insights into the immigration policies and health services available in the United States, as well as into migration movements in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Additionally, there were presentations on job opportunities and challenges for immigrant women, as well as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, and the difficulties they face. Of course, it was inevitable that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the conditions during the height of the crises would also be discussed in the context of migration issues.


What is more, the students had the chance to participate in a one-day field trip to two facilities for refugees in Athens, so they could experience first-hand the difficulties faced by the people living there.

Thalyta Santos said that she can already use the knowledge she has gained from the program, and that she also intends to do further research on the governance of the Venezuelan migration crisis in Latin American countries.

Dalma Medvegy, Gábor Kókai , Thalyta Santos

However, as Dalma Medvegy points out, the benefits of the program have gone beyond the acquisition of knowledge and have also encouraged them to develop international friendships. Gábor Kókai echoed these sentiments, noting that the summer program was attended by a number of Ukrainian students who spoke openly about their experiences at home. All three students agreed that the EPLO-organized lectures provided an irreplaceable added value for them both professionally and personally.

Written by Eszter Kovács


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