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The 70th Birthday of Prof.Dr. iur. László Bodnár was celebrated in the Faculty of Law and PoliticalSciences

On the 9th of January 2015 the International and European law Department of the Faculty of Law, University of Szeged organized an anniversary conference to mark the occasion of the 70th Birthday of Prof. Dr. iur. László Bodnár.


At his honourable celebration, friends, contemporaries and colleagues paid homage to the Jubilant. The presenters of the conference introduced multifarious subjects and questions in the field of international law.


Prof. Dr. iur. Péter Kovács professor of law pointed out the connections between the international law’s and criminal law’s regulations. Prof. Dr. iur. János Bruhács professor emeritus delivered a presentation with the title “The international right to water in light of the right of contracts”.


This was followed by, Prof. Dr. iur. Vanda Lamm an academic who examined the effects of the international human rights mechanisms in connection with the domestic law in her presentation, and last but not least Prof. Dr. iur. László Valki professor emeritus introduced the sanction system of the international law.


The Anniversary Volume was presented after the conference, in which colleagues gave praise, through their articles, to the academic-scientific career of Prof. László Bodnár.


Prof. Dr. iur. József Hajdú welcoming Professor Bodnár, emphasized his consistent educational work and commitment to the Faculty, and then presented the first copy of the Anniversary Volume to Professor Bodnár. Prof. Dr. iur. László Bodnár, in his speech thanked the congratulations, and remembered with great pleasure the remarkable moments of his career, and educational life as well. Prof. Dr. iur. László Blutman Head of Department, in his closing speech, appreciated the Jubilant and opened the dedication of the Anniversary Volume. The celebratory conference was closed with a gala meal.


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