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Compulsory internship for undivided legal Mastertraining

Information for full-time and correspondence students for the academic year 2014/2015.


1. The internship is a non-credit remunerated condition of the acquisition of the absolutorium.

2. The duration of the internship is 6 weeks, which cannot be performed in six consecutive, but only in a 2x3 weeks period, and it can be spent with different internship partners.

3. In order to be able to commence the internship it is necessary to pass the Civil law II, Criminal law II and Constitutional law II courses.

4. The internship can be performed at any judicature, public administration institution or other authority, legal practitioner body (court, prosecution, attorney-at-law office, notary public office, regional governmental offices, office of the mayor, police, ministries, nationwide head authorities, in addition to a legal advisor of economic organizations, etc.), if the leader of the internship is a lawyer, who passed the bar examination and he/she deals with legal and other practical legal issues and tasks in the partner organization, institution. The internship is acceptable only, if the student works with legal and practical legal issues and tasks during his/her internship.

5. Primarily, the internship should be performed in the student’s chosen, individual organization, at the place and time, which was chosen by the student, if the partner institution, organization finds the certificate regarding the legal relation of the student with the Faculty, which certificate was drawn up by the Administration Office of the Faculty, sufficient (See: “Certificate for individual organization of internship” form). The form is available and can be verified at the Administration Office of the Faculty.

6. In the case, when a student cannot perform the internship in the above mentioned individual organization way, he/she has the possibility to turn to the Career Office of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (www.szteajkkarrier.hu, or info@szteajkkarrier.hu), and the Office will provide information about those institutions and organizations, which are already in contact with the Faculty regarding the performance of internships, and assistance for the student to organize the internship, if necessary.

7. In case of those correspondence students, whose permanent workplace could function as an internship institution or organization, and the student deals with legal practice issues and tasks at his/her workplace, the performance of the compulsory internship is accepted by an official certificate drawn up by the superior jurist’s employer.

8. As performance of the mandatory required 6 week internship, the Faculty accepts the time, which was spent in the internship programme organized by the Career Office of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences.

9. The certificates regarding the performance of internship shall be submitted together, at the beginning of the last semester of the training, by the date marked in the Faculty’s Calendar, before the final exams, to the Administration Office of the Faculty. The form of certification of performance can be downloaded from the Faculty’s website (“Certificate of performance of internship” form).

10. Any questions concerning the internship should be directed to (for more information) senior lecturer Anikó Zvolenszki Juhász dr. jur. (Civil law and Civil procedure law Department), or the responsible co-worker of Career Office.