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Welcoming thoughts

Dear Colleagues, current and future Students,


We are very proud of our history, our famous teachers, our scientific and educational results and last but not least our students. The mutual respect and the need for the highest possible contribution to our profession is what make the teachers and students into one great bondable community. The „Tradition and Renewal” and „Where tradition and Quality meets” are the mottos that have been filling us with pride for decades now and makes us to give our best possible selves.


We are eager and energetic, we love our profession and Szeged and although some might think differently, we are very famous for our humor.

It is very joyful for us to see that through our work we create not just success, but value as well. All our students get the chance to be part of this and to be able to make themselves a prosperous future. The diplomas they receive here guarantees that they will become determined and genuine in their profession thus spreading the honour of the University of Szeged.


I am committed towards talent management, I profess that if a community is listening to its members and focusing on their strengths miracles can be achieved. It is our purpose to make our student groups into a community where studying is a value, and where knowledge and integrity is important. This community is not just for helping each other during exam periods, but also to support each member in their careers and in their lives.


As a response to the challenges of the 21st century and to react to the needs of the labour market, in addition to our BA, MA and PhD courses we actively support graduates from our region with additional trainings specializing in Hungarian, English and German Law to make sure that they have all the available knowledge in their field of expertise.


Dear Reader I hope that among these courses you find something that interests you and by joining the community of our Faculty you will receive up to date knowledge, unforgettable experiences and gain new friends and acquaintances during your stay with us at the University of Szeged Faculty of Law and Political Sciences.



















格拉格·玛尔达 教授/博士



Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Márta Görög

Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

University of Szeged

Dear Students,

The Gateway Chinese-Hungarian Student Exchange Programme is organized by the University of Szeged Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. Our Gateway Programme offers autumn semester for Chinese guest students in 2017. During the three-months long period the students get an in-depth look into the different aspects of the Hungarian criminal law, both in theory and practice. The members of our internationally recognized Criminal Law Institute deliver theoretical lectures not just about criminal law but also about many different fields of the Hungarian legal system, such as Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law and also International Law.

Besides the professional knowledge, two cultural trips are included in the autumn semester programme, one to the National Heritage Park of Ópusztaszer and another to our nation’s capital, Budapest. In the National Heritage Park, students will be introduced to the Hungarian history by interactive activities, such as 3D movies, archery, horse show and so on.

Our nation’s capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which provides countless cultural and free time programmes. A visit to our Parliament and sightseeing in Budapest is included in the trip.

As a result of this three-months programme, our guest students could improve their English language skills, their professional, legal English in particular, and also they could gather additional knowledge about Hungary, its legal system and its cultural heritage as well. Moreover, our Gateway Programme provides free weekends in order to give students a chance to discover the beauties of Europe.

We duly hope to welcome you as our student in this autumn!









瓦尔格·诺伯特 博士



Prof. Dr. Krisztina Karsai
Programme Director

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