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Recommendation of the Gateway program

There are some words sticks in my mind deeply that said by one of my professor of Gateway program (hereinafter referred as GW) who gives lectures in industry relations, she said you might don't remember what have learned from classes here several years later but, you will definitely remember those moments when the time you keen to absorb the knowledge in every chance, how you appreciate that you have spent some time in a wonderful place and with precious people, those are the memories would not be fading out or slipping away by ages. That is one of the life-time gifts which has been brought into you life through this experience.



From my point of view that a student studies other subjects than law certainly will meet some challenges at studying in these relevant fields related to laws especially when it comes to European law, but GW is designed in a flexible way that the lectures could be modified by professors according to the timely feedback and reflection from students, it helps a lot at the beginning in a way of giving me more time to adapt the different way of teaching and thinking. Professors from GW are selected from those who have had plentiful teaching experiences to international students, some of them had working experiences for unite union so that they were giving lectures in a more practical way for helping me to better understand some of courses that I was not familiar with at that time. And they also were being really nice to students with offering helps to the problems I have met in study or in life.




There are so many remarkable experiences I have gotten in Hungary: mini seminar regarding different education system existing in China and in Europe, opening ceremony of Confucius institute, regional trips organized by Faculty of Law and national councilor such like impressive tour of grape picking and wine tasting in Eger, in person interview with the university students who studied in communication and media, watch national handball game, folk dancing in Budapest with local artists at Christmas fair etc., I would say my journey in Hungary would not have been that perfect with those amazing moments. Come and taste a little bit of Hungary and its spirit as I did.




Liu Shufei

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