2020. July 8., Wednesday

II. Summer School on Intellectual Property Law

The second IP Summer School of the Szeged Law School offers the participants to enhance their knowledge in the field of intellectual property law. The summer school aims to focus on the international and European frameworks of copyright law and industrial property law, as well as the relevant case law. The English language classes provide a problem solving approach for the better understanding of both the doctrinal and practical aspects of intellectual property law. The high quality of education is guaranteed by the local and international professors of the program, as well as the professional organization by the Institute of Comparative Law.

Modules (to read the syllabus of each module, click on their name):

  1. Contemporary Issues of Industrial Property Law (July 15-16, 8 hours)
  2. Chinese Trademark Law and Practices in the Context of Globalization (July 17, 6 hours)
  3. Copyright Law v. Fundamental Rights – A European Perspective (July 22-23, 8 hours)
  4. Case Law Analysis and Moot Court (July 24-26, 8+2 hours)


Our professors:

Prof. Jie Qin (Southwest University of Political Sciences and Law, People’s Republic of China)

Dr. habil. Péter Mezei, PhD (University of Szeged, Hungary)

Dhanay Cadillo Chandler, PhD (University of Turku, Finland)

dr. István Harkai (University of Szeged, hungary)


Date and venue:

July 15-26, 2019 (2 weeks)

Faculty of Law, University of Szeged, Bocskai street 10-12.


Tuition fee of the summer school (the fee does not include accommodation, but includes the cost of readings and the organized social events) and application deadlines:

Early-bird registration for $400 by the latest of March 31, 2019

Registration for $500 by the latest of May 31, 2019

Peter MezeiFor any further questions on the substantive issues contact Dr. habil. Péter Mezei, the academic organizer of the IP summer school at mezei@juris.u-szeged.hu

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