2022. July 3., Sunday

Education at the University of Szeged 2020 Introduction Video




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In 2014, the pilot-year of MIR was launched, focusing on the Legal and Business Aspects of International Economic Relations.

The International and Regional Studies Institute (IRSI) of the Faculty houses the Program and offers a specialized curriculum in Business, Economy and International Relations, with further emphasis on Political Sciences, European Studies and Law.

As the only law school in the country to offer such a program (normally taught as part of social sciences studies) our prospective students gain a different insight into the workings of IR.

Also, as the University of Szeged constantly grows its international studenty body through its numerous international cooperations and scholarships, our students will have the chance to become part of a diverse international student body, recruited mainly from Hungary, her neighboring countries in the Western Balkans, Caucasus, from Central-Eastern Europe, the Middle East and China.

As a relatively young program, with four years of experience under our belt, we are confident that we can provide quality higher education to all of those who choose us and our alumni attest to this fact as well.

Watch the below video to get deeper knowledge about the Program!

Watch the below video to see why should you choose Faculty of Law as a place to study!