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Program Graduation Requirements
2020. January 17.

Please check the folder named "MIR 2022 thesis defense and final exam"

NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic period, the below information was subjected to several changes.

Students of the MIR Program should fulfill the following requirements to graduate sucessfully:

ü 120 ECTS, as indicated in the Program Curriculum.

ü Successful Thesis Defense.

ü  Successful Final Examination.

Thesis Submission and Defense


The very first step for MIR students to start their thesis procedure is to choose a relevant topic falling under the Program’s subject areas and agree with a supervisor who is willing to academically support the student during the thesis work. After determining the topic in agreement with the Supervisor, the student should fill out the Thesis Form and submit it to the Program Administration for signature (This will need to be bound into the Thesis before Submission). The students shall at the time of Submission attach to the Thesis the so-called Thesis Declaration attesting to the fact that the Thesis is their own intellectual work. (This Declaration also should be bound into the Thesis during the Submission via Modulo.)


Students of the MIR Program shall prepare their thesis work in line with the Formal Thesis Requirement and submit it during the 4th semester to Modulo System (links will be shared with the students consistently). Thesis defense will take place before a Defense Panel at the end of the 4th semester. A successful Thesis Defense is a prerequisite for the Final Examination. (Deadlines for submission of the thesis form will be communicated with the graduate candidates by Program Admin via e-mail.)

Students shall keep in mind, that the thesis supervisor is a default member of the Thesis Defense Panel.

The Thesis Defense Panel consists of the Supervisor and the Reviewer of the the Thesis (as a minimum) and might include other colleagues from the Department of the Supervisor.

The Thesis Defense proiceedings are public to all interested Parties.


Final Examination

According to the Hungarian Higher Education Act, MA students should pass a successful final examination in order to receive their diploma. MIR Program students are take the Final Examination after the exam period of the 4th semester. In exceptional cases, the Program Administration may organize a mid-term exam in January in addition to the regular final exam.

Final examination is a great opportunity for the students to check and prove their knowledge they gained during the two full academic years. The Final Examination Committee, consisting of at least three members and a President, will ask the graduates questions based on the Final Examination Questions distributed among the Students.

The questions referred by the Committee will be related to those two subject areas that are in close relationship with the student's thesis topic. The Supervisors who will approve the succesfull continuation of the defense defense to the Program Admin via e-mail will also note the subject areas. In this case, students to know the relevant two subjct areas from their supervisors.

During the final exam, the Committee then may ask additional questions related to the same topic. The Final Examination is successful, if the Student passes the examination in all three subject areas of the Final Examination Questions. If one subject area is unsuccessful, the Student shall retake the Final Examination. Upon a successful Final Examination, the student is qualified to receive an MA level diploma in International Relations designating them as ‘International Relations Expert’.

Diploma Ceremony

Diploma Ceremony is organized by the Faculty and usually takes place at the end of June-in the beginning of July in the Central Library (József Attila Tanulmányi és Információs Központ-TIK). Non-EU students who would like (a limited number of) their family members to be present at the ceremony shall not hesitate to contact Program Admin to receive information on the visa requirements.