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Law on the Bosphorus XI: International Criminal Justice and Human Rights Law Summer School

Apply by August 10 for the International Summer School, which will focus on “Legal Problems in Natural Disasters.”

This year, the Law on the Bosphorus International Summer School, hosted by the Istanbul University Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology Research and Application Centre, will take place from August 21 to August 27, 2023. The theme for this year will be:

Legal Problems in Natural Disasters

The summer school will consist of daily lectures and team meetings, with student presentation sessions taking place on the last day.

The summer school is FREE and will be held ONLINE.

This year, legal issues in natural catastrophes will be explored in the contexts of criminal justice, human rights, international law, and comparative law. The following sub-themes will be covered:

  • A Review of Criminal Law Theory Problems Concerning the Determination of Individual Criminal Responsibility Arising From Earthquake-Related Loss Of Lives

  • Determination of Criminal Responsibility in Crimes against Property after Natural Disasters

  • Determination of Responsibilities Due to Natural Disasters in the context of Turkish Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights Decisions

  • International Disaster Response Law

  • Legal Challenges Surrounding the Protection of Cultural Heritage From Natural Disasters

  • Legal Measures to Prevent Damage From Natural Disasters and Legal Assistance for Recovery in Japan

  • Legal Problems with Climate Adaptation in New Zealand

  • Natural Disasters and Human Trafficking

  • Natural Disasters and Sexual Violence

  • Natural Disasters and State of Emergency

  • Natural Disasters in Indonesia and Criminal Law Problems

  • The Notion of Force Majeure and Its Consequences in Terms of Tax Law

Learn more HERE (pdf)

The deadline for application is August 10, 2023.

To apply, send an email to: summerlaw@istanbul.edu.tr

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