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PhD training in Szeged


PhD training programme in Szeged


The Doctoral School of Law and Political Sciences was founded in 2002 at the University of Szeged. Before this, from 1994, individual doctoral training was organized by the faculty.


Our Doctoral School aims to give the opportunity for foreign doctoral students to deepen their knowledge of research methodology of the social sciences (law and political sciences) and to gain more experience in the theoretical background and the practical issues of their special academic and professional interests. The doctoral training builds upon the rich tradition left for us by the famous professors of the faculty. On this basis, we intend to achieve high academic standards and we aim to broaden our international professional and personal relationships with other universities and research institutes in the world.


The doctoral programme and research topics offered by the supervisors cover a wide range of scientific fields. Therefore, we are able to accept not only graduates of law but also graduates of public administration, labour or social security, international studies, or political science, if they commit themselves to one of the research areas. However the profile of the doctoral school: law and political sciences.


Foreign students with a Master’s degree obtained in any field of social sciences are welcome in our doctoral school that provides lectures in English regularly often in blocks in the first part of the training (1-4. semesters). During the training, the PhD dissertation shall also be elaborated. The PhD degree is awarded to a candidate who, having critically investigated and evaluated an approved research topic resulting in an independent and original contribution to the chosen field, has presented and defended his/her dissertation. The dissertation is to be defended in a public PhD procedure, where the scientific values of the dissertation are assessed by a review committee. Scholars from other Hungarian (and sometimes foreign) universities participate in the procedure.

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