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Summer semester 2019

Dear Students,


The Gateway Chinese-Hungarian Student Exchange Programme is organized by the University of Szeged Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. Our Gateway Programme offers summer semester for Chinese guest students in 2019. During the three-week long period the students get an in-depth look into the different aspects of the Hungarian criminal law, both in theory and practice. The members of our internationally recognized Criminal Law Institute deliver theoretical lectures, and also organize visits to the Police, courts, penitentiary and Forensic Science Institute. In addition to the criminal law knowledge, the honourable lecturers of our Faculty introduce different fields of the Hungarian legal system, such as Intellectual Property Law, Labour Law and also International Law.


Besides the professional knowledge, two cultural trips are included in the summer semester programme, one to the National Heritage Park of Ópusztaszer and another to our nation’s capital, Budapest. In the National Heritage Park, students will be introduced to the Hungarian history by interactive activities, such as 3D movies, archery, horse show and so on.


Our nation’s capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which provides countless cultural and free time programmes. A visit to our Parliament and sightseeing in Budapest is included in the trip.


As a result of this intense three-week programme, our guest students could improve their English language skills, their professional, legal English in particular, and also they could gather additional knowledge about Hungary, its legal system and its cultural heritage as well. Moreover, our Gateway Programme provides free weekends in order to give students a chance to discover the beauties of Europe.

We duly hope to welcome you as our student in this summer!

Student Workshop



In this Student Workshop the students will have the chance to prepare and present their maximum 15 minutes long presentations in English. The topics are given and the teams (consist of 3 people) will choose among them. Each team has to choose one of the topics and it is not allowed to have the same topic for more than one team.

The morning session (from 9:00-11:30) will be about the preparation for the afternoon session (from 13:00) helped by the teachers of the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Science and also by Hungarian student mentors. In the afternoon the teams will present their papers and there will be place for discussion as well. The performance of the students will be subject of separate assessment (independently from the exams) and part of the overall evaluation.


  1. Right and Obligation of the State to Punish ('ius puniendi')
  2. Cooperation between States in Criminal Matters with Special Focus on Chinese Law and Practice 1. (Legal Assistance)
  3. Cooperation between States in Criminal Matters with Special Focus on Chinese Law and Practice 2. (Extradition)
  4. Short Presentation of the Chinese Criminal Procedure compared to the Hungarian Criminal Procedure
  5. The Rules of Investigation in China and Hungary
  6. What happens in the courtroom? Comparing the Chinese and the Hungarian trial
  7. Criminal Justice Systems in the World
  8. The Principles of Evidence Law
  9. Admissibility and Exclusion of Evidence
  10. Basic Principles of Chinese Criminal Law
  11. The Structure of the Penitentiary System in China
  12. The Framework of the Chinese Sanctioning System
  13. General Description of the Chinese Substantive Criminal Law by using the most relevant English terminology
  14. The Relation between Criminal Law and other Branches of Law in China


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