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Classification of scientific journals for credit assessment

The classification of academic journals is decisive in terms of how many credits can be awarded for a doctoral student's paper published in a given journal (see sources of credits). Furthermore, the doctoral dissertation can only be submitted for public defense if the candidate has at least one publication published in a journal of A, B or C category.


The classification of academic journals (A, B, C and D categories) is available at the following links:


In the field of Law and State:

https://mta.hu/data/dokumentumok/doktori_tanacs/IX. Osztaly/Doktori_Folyoiratlista_AJB_2018_1.xlsx


In the field of Political Sciences:

https://mta.hu/data/dokumentumok/doktori_tanacs/IX. Osztaly/Doktori_Folyoiratlista_PTB_2018_1.xlsx


Category D means the lowest rate. A journal not included in the list are considered as one falling into category D.

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