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I. International Week of Criminal Law (23-26 September 2014)

International Week of Criminal Law (IWCL) is a regularly organized (once in two years), bilingual (English and German) workshop hosted by our Institute. Also, IWCL is a course in the framework of Erasmus mobility and the lecturers hold criminal law lectures for Hungarian undergraduate and graduate students as well as Erasmus students in Szeged. The lecturers of this event are professors of Erasmus partner universities around Europe.


In 2014 the guest lecturers came from the following countries:


Germany – Susanne Beck (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

Greece – Angelika Pitsela (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Italy – Rocco Alagna (Universitá di Padova)

Poland – Adam Górski (Jagiellonian University)

Slovenia – Damjan Korosec (Univerza v Ljubjani)

Romania – Christian Mihes (Universitat Oradea)

Turkey – Rahime Erbas (Istanbul University)

Turkey – Tuba Topcouglu (Istanbul University)


The workshop had three different parts.

In the first unit the professors held lectures on the topic of criminal justice system in the guest’s country.

In the course of the second unit, the lecturers took presentations on their own research topic. Thus, the content of this unit was versatile. The participants held the following lectures:


Rocco Alagna: Legal actions against organized crime in Italy

Susanne Beck: Criminal Law and modern Technologies in Germany

Adam Górski: Medizinstrafrecht in Poland

Damjan Korosec: Some Problems with the Institute, Called Liability for Graver Consequences in Slovenian Criminal Law

Tuba Topcouglu: The State of Art in Crime and Criminology in Turkey

Cristian Mihes: New Patrimonial Offences under the Romanian Criminal Law

Angelika Pitsela: Alternative Sanktionen in Griechenland


As an end of the program the professors participated in a roundtable discussion. The main topic of this scientific conversation had the following title: “Criminal Law Systems in Europe in 20 Years.”

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